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Bullish Hybrid Order Book

Trading. Evolved.

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The Bullish Hybrid Order Book combines the high-performance of traditional central limit order books (CLOB) with deep, deterministic liquidity across market conditions from automated market making (AMM) enabling you to trade with certainty.

Bullish Hybrid Order Book explained


A number of new financial models have developed in the DeFi space. But traders don’t have to choose…

…between the deterministic liquidity of a decentralized exchange…

…and the high performance of a central limit order book. Because at Bullish, we’ve brought together the best of both worlds…

…and built something better.

While traditional order books fluctuate drastically,…

…we’ve combined automated market makers together with traditional limit orders…

…to greatly increase the depth of liquidity, when trading across highly variable market conditions.

This is the Bullish Hybrid Order Book And it’s built to create a better trading experience, no matter which way the market swings. So you can trade what you need, when you need it, at scale…

….and with increased certainty by design.

Grab the bull by the horns and evolve the way you trade…
….with Bullish, a new breed of exchange

IMPORTANT NOTE: Automated market making is available within the upper and lower price boundaries of our range-bound liquidity pools and for our standard liquidity pools. Learn more by reviewing important information about our range-bound and standard liquidity pools.

Unleash the best of both.

Automated market making.

Bullish AMM enables trading at scale by providing liquidity at prices calculated deterministically based on the size of the liquidity pool and the ratio of the assets in utilization. Counterparty-free transactions let you trade confidently.

Traditional limit orders.

Customers can also post limit orders in addition to the orders created by the AMM, obtaining the price they desire and building greater depth in the order book.

Powered by exceptional liquidity.

Powered by exceptional liquidity.

The Bullish Hybrid Order Book is powered by our deep and predictable Bullish Liquidity Pools, which are backed by multibillion-dollar contributions from the Bullish treasury.

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Increased certainty.

The unparalleled depth of Bullish Liquidity Pools enables the market to remain predictable, which lets you confidently trade at scale.

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Backed by Bullish.

Bullish Group has put its own multibillion-dollar treasury to work in the Bullish Liquidity Pools, creating a deeply funded powerhouse for traders.

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Fees from trades are constantly deployed back into the Bullish Liquidity Pools until withdrawn. This helps to maintain the depth of the pools, which in turn facilitates a more predictable market for trading at scale.

Profoundly secure and regulated.

The Bullish exchange is designed to protect you through the use of industry best practices.

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We’re licensed as a distributed ledger technology provider by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) and our third-party custodial service provider is regulated as a trust company in the United States.


Bullish utilizes leading Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Transaction (KYT), as well as anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) tools.

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Built on blockchain.

Leveraging the power of our private blockchain allows us to optimize customer security and data integrity while maintaining high performance requirements. Bullish cross-hashes to the EOS Public Blockchain to facilitate externally verifiable state integrity.

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Security first.

Bullish uses WebAuthn, a trusted system developed by the World Wide Web Consortium and the FIDO Alliance, with participation from leading tech companies like Google and Microsoft.

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Experience a new breed of exchange.

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