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Last Updated: August 25, 2022

Fee Schedule

Trading Fees

Taker and Maker Fees

Trading pairMaker feeTaker fee
BTC/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
ETH/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
EOS/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
ETH/BTC0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LTC/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LTC/BTC0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LINK/USD0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
LINK/BTC0 bps1 bps (0.01%)
USDC/USD0 bps0 bps

Taker fees are paid when you remove liquidity from the Bullish Hybrid Order Book (HOB) with a market order.  Maker fees are paid when you add liquidity to the Bullish HOB with a limit order or stop limit order.

Spread included in quoted prices

Prices quoted in the HOB for liquidity provided by the Bullish Liquidity Pools (BLPs) include a spread as a market-making fee.  The spread comprises (i) a fixed base spread as set out below and (ii) a variable spread that is determined algorithmically by the Automatic Market Maker (AMM). The spread is applied to the AMM’s mid price.

Base spread (except USDC/USD BLP)Base spread for USDC/USD BLP
7 bps 
included in quoted price
0 bps

Fiat and Digital Currency Deposit Fees

  • Silvergate Bank USD incoming wire fees: Free
  • Digital Currency: Free

Digital Currency Withdrawal Network Fees

  • Transaction fees charged by the associated blockchain:
  • BTC – 0.0005 
  • EOS – Free
  • USDC –  US$5
  • ETH – 0.005
  • LTC – 0.01
  • LINK – 1

Fiat Currency Withdrawal Bank Fees

  • Silvergate Bank USD withdrawal fee: US$30 per withdrawal

Margin Fees

  • Interest Rates are variable based on the supply and demand dynamics in each Liquidity Pool and will increase and decrease depending on the total Loan Amount outstanding and the total Loan Amount available in each Liquidity Pool
  • The Interest Rate will be adjusted hourly
  • Interest accrues hourly from the moment of opening of a Loan 
  • Interest accrues in the same Permitted Fiat Currency and/or Permitted Digital Currency as the Loan and is added to the outstanding Loan Amount on an hourly basis.
  • The minimum interest period for any Loan is 1 hour
  • The applicable Interest Rate will be displayed on the Platform at the time of any Margin order in the order confirmation details


  • All information on Fees is subject to change at any time
  • Please refer to the Terms of Service for further details

For more information on fees, visit our Help Center.