A new breed of exchange.

The Bullish exchange will offer an unprecedented combination of deep liquidity, automated market making, and industry-leading security and compliance. Evolve the way you invest.

Deep liquidity.

Our proprietary Hybrid Order Book will bring our deep liquidity pools together with traditional limit orders, all in one place. Designed to offer profound and predictable liquidity, Bullish will empower traders with greater certainty, across highly variable market conditions.

Earn at scale.

Supported by Bullish’s multibillion-dollar treasury, the Bullish Liquidity Pools will deploy assets at scale without issue. These pools will be optimized to earn you yield, generated from automated market making and safe margin lending that continuously redeploys.

Secure. Compliant. Verifiable.

Bullish is expected to be a regulated exchange, integrating the best in cryptographic safeguards and compliance standards, while adding WebAuthn protocols. All transactions and states will be validated and stored on EOSIO-based blockchains, enabling auditability and upholding integrity.