About Bullish

We make trading with digital assets more rewarding and secure.

The Bullish group consists of technology and investment businesses, focused on developing financial services for the digital assets sector.

We’ve created the regulated, revolutionary Bullish digital asset exchange, supported by a substantial treasury. We believe passionately that the era of digital assets is only beginning, and we’re building boldly with that exciting future in mind.

We invite you to be Bullish with us.


A strong foundation
for success.

2021Born in the year of
the Bull
Auditedby Deloitte

Leading the charge
toward a better
financial future.

We are building best-in-class digital assets infrastructure by blending elements of TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi, to create a trusted choice for our clients.

Mark Woods

Head of Product


We value innovation and integrity, with a commitment to security and transparency.

Built for performance

From day one, Bullish was built with the objective of being an institutional-grade platform. Combining the best of CeFi and DeFi with state-of-the-art tech, every product we ship to customers is built to maximize capital-efficiency.

Regulated, audited, compliant

We are a regulated exchange prioritizing strong compliance, audit, and governance frameworks. We’ve earned the trust of our customers and solidified our reputation as the adult in the digital asset space.

World-class expertise x optimism

It’s in our DNA and in our name: we’re Bullish. The digital asset space has never lacked optimism, but we build integrity and transparency into our products every day by providing solutions our customers can trust.

Bullish Capital collaborates with visionary teams to support initiatives that connect conventional finance with the possibilities of the digital economy.

Offering strategic capital, industry expertise, and an extensive network of resources, Bullish Capital operates within the Bullish group ecosystem.


Creating a world of difference takes
a global presence.

We collaborate across multiple time zones and teams. We have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, the D.C. Metro area, Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands, and Blacksburg, Virginia.

Are you Bullish?

Take charge and be Bullish on your career by helping us build the best digital asset trading platform for institutions.