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A layered approach to custody security.

Custody Security

With multiple defensive layers, Bullish custody protects against a range of attacks, while maintaining easy access for authorized parties.

Protected by multiple defensive layers.

Disaster recovery and backup procedures
Cryptographic chain of command
Secure geographical distribution
Hardened servers and offline cold keys
Signed and attested systems
Multi-signature wallets

Protected on all sides.

Bullish custody protects against a range of attacks and human errors, with countermeasures against:

Technological attacks Insider attacks Physical attacks
Cryptographically secured.

Cryptographically secured.

Bullish secures your assets using the cryptographic security of blockchain technology. Customers can be confident that their data will stay private even while being processed.

Built with blockchain.

Being powered by our private blockchain allows us to optimize customer security and data integrity while maintaining high performance requirements.

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Encrypted throughout.

Customers can be confident that data will stay private, even while being processed, as it is encrypted at rest and in transit.


Bullish is regulated. That means we comply with applicable Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

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Incoming and outgoing asset protection.

As part of our overall AML process, all incoming deposits and withdrawals are scanned to detect patterns of high risk activity and unusual or suspicious transactions. We also perform real-time and ongoing forensic analysis of blockchains and wallets to identify the source of funds entering our platform and wallets.

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Co-mingling protection.

Bullish custody is designed to segregate customers’ funds from company assets, so that no co-mingling on any account or blockchain address occurs.

Multi-signature wallet architecture.

Increase your confidence with hot and cold wallets that are all secured with multi-signature technology. It’s an approach where a number of highly secure and encrypted keys are required to move funds from custody, thus eliminating the single point of failure risk of many custody systems.

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To enhance the security of customer assets, at any time, the majority of crypto assets will be held in cold storage utilizing a complex, peer-reviewed multi-sig security, whitelist-only transfer processes.

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Cryptographic proofs ensure that withdrawals may only be made with the involvement of the customer who owns the assets.

Collusion resistant.

Bullish features cutting-edge security verified with cryptographic validation and an architecture which increases collusion resistance.

Backed by Bullish.

The multibillion-dollar Bullish Treasury supports the exchange.

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