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Earn in any market.

The Bullish exchange harnesses innovations from the world of DeFi in a regulated environment for unparalleled income-generation opportunities in variable market conditions.

Reliability even
during volatility.

Not actual performance data. For illustration only.

Not actual performance data. For illustration only.

Automated market making.

Traditional exchanges operate at the whim of market makers, who often pull their orders during times of volatility. With Bullish, automated market making instructions generate more reliable bids and offers, creating a more stable earning environment.

Customize how
you earn.

With AMM instructions, you can become your own market maker and create differentiated risk profiles by allocating capital within personalized prices and spreads. Generate income on top of the performance of your underlying assets in a tailored and compliant way.


Bullish is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC), which applies international regulatory standards and supervisory best-practices.


High-performance matching engine lets you earn and trade with confidence in variable market conditions.


The security and integrity benefits of blockchain, combined with strong cryptographic safeguards and WebAuthn authentication.

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