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2022 year in review

Insights Dec 22, 2022 1 min read

Since launching just over a year ago, we’ve reached many important milestones. From product innovation to trading volumes, we’re proud of our progress and achievements.

Looking forward, we will continue building and developing new products and platforms that will benefit our customers, while reinforcing our commitment to customer safety and security. Here’s a look back at some of our key highlights from the year:

Bullish on Longhorn
Longhorn is an update to Bullish AMM, which puts the power in the hands of customers by allowing for unprecedented customizability in the range of prices, spreads charged, and bids and offers generated on Bullish.

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Bullish is 100 (billion)
What does $100 billion in total trading volumes signify to us? At Bullish, we take it as affirmation that our year old cryptocurrency exchange has built, and continues to build, trust with our institutional customers.

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Bullish offers deep liquidity for BTC/USD
It’s now clear that some of the deepest, most liquid BTC/USD market lives on Bullish. This means institutional customers with a best execution mandate can use Bullish confidently—trading at scale, with better pricing and lower risk, all within a regulated market environment.

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