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Our latest release – Longhorn

Insights Oct 25, 2022 2 min read

Last week, Bullish’s Mark Woods, Head of Product, Justin Short, Head of Trading Product, and Aditya Gopinath, Sr. Product Manager, introduced our latest release, Longhorn

In their announcement, they shared how Longhorn is providing unprecedented customizability—all on a secure, regulated platform. Here’s what you should know.  

AMM Instructions

Through a key feature of the Longhorn release, Automated Market Making Instructions (AMM Instructions), eligible customers have the flexibility to execute their trading and investment strategies on Bullish by customizing parameters including:

    As a result, eligible customers can become their own market maker and earn income using idle assets. 

    Custody API

    In addition to AMM Instructions, the Longhorn release also included access to new custody functionality through the Bullish API. Through this feature, customers can now create API keys with withdrawal capabilities to access the custody API endpoints including: 

      Also, all withdrawal addresses will now be configured at the network level (e.g., ETH)—rather than at the asset level—so customers won't have to register multiple addresses to withdraw different assets on the same network (e.g., ERC20 tokens on ETH). Coupled with additional cryptographic approval steps upon registration, these new features enhance asset on-ramp & off-ramp speed and overall security.Interested in signing up with Bullish or requesting a product demo? Connect with our Sales team to get started.

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