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Bullish v16.0: Introducing Longhorn

News Oct 18, 2022 2 min read

This release takes customization, liquidity, and custody to the next level. With Automated Market Making Instructions, customers can put idle assets to work making markets at the terms that make sense for them. New custody features also enhance asset on-ramp & off-ramp speed and overall security.

Automated Market Making Instructions

Automated Market Making Instructions (AMM Instructions) are a new advanced feature of our latest release, allowing eligible customers to directly make markets and earn income using idle assets. AMM Instructions scale to billions of dollars and income is continuously generated while the market conditions support it.

With this update, eligible customers have the flexibility to create one or more AMM Instructions for any of our markets. Each AMM Instruction offers customers the ability to set parameters based on their trading strategy and risk profile. These parameters include:

  • A price range for bids and offers
  • A minimum bid/offer spread
  • Optional dynamic spread adjustments

Custody API

Customers can now access custody functionality through the Bullish API. This allows them to create API keys with withdrawal capabilities to access the custody API endpoints that include: 

  • Retrieving historical transactions associated with a specific withdrawal destination
  • Requesting a withdrawal to an approved crypto or fiat destination
  • Executing SEN, SWIFT, and ABA transactions

Whitelisting withdrawal addresses

We’re also changing the way that withdrawal addresses are registered with Bullish. All withdrawal addresses will now be configured at the network level (e.g., ETH)—rather than at the asset level—so customers won't have to register multiple addresses to withdraw different assets on the same network (e.g., ERC20 tokens on ETH). 

Additionally, we’ll require additional cryptographic approval steps at the point of registration to create an extra layer of security to the withdrawal process. This change supports a broader effort to increase the security of the Bullish withdrawal process, while also enabling faster withdrawals for our customers.

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