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Curve DAO Token

Last Updated: February 28, 2023

Curve Finance is a non-custodial, decentralized exchange built to trade stablecoins using an automated market maker (AMM).


Founded in 2020 by Michael Egorov, Curve Finance was inspired by Egorov’s 2019 whitepaper detailing a desire for “steadier interest returns without having to hold a very volatile asset.” 

While deployed as ERC-20, FRC-10, and MRC-20 tokens and accessible on Arbitum, Curve DAO Token’s (CRV) main functions, including staking, providing liquidity, maximizing yield, and participating in governance, are only available to users on Ethereum. Currently, we support deposits and withdrawals of the ERC20 CRV token.



Curve Finance founded in January


CRV token launched in August


Features become available on multiple blockchains

What's the Curve DAO token's place in the ecosystem?

Users can stake and lock CRV to receive vote-escrowed CRV (veCRV). With veCRV, token holders can participate in the protocol’s governance process by proposing and voting on proposals, voting on gauge weights, and more.


Experience a new breed of exchange.

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